Phoenix II – 90% of the screen is death💀

Almost 2 years since our review of Phoenix HD it is about time we took on a new challenge… This is our long-awaited review of Phoenix II! …the latest update to the Phoenix series from Firi Games…

Phoenix II is a game that really pushes the limits as to how many bullets you can have on a single screen before things just start getting ridiculous.😅 With one of the smallest hitboxes we’ve ever seen in a game, Phoenix II shrinks your spacecraft single vulnerability into a single point, called your ship’s core. This allowed the developers to increase the number of bullets on the screen by 5 or even 10 times (as compared to other similar titles) while keeping the game actually playable.

Played using 3 simple touch-based controls (touch and drag) to move/shoot, (release) to charge your primary special attack and (force touch) to fire your secondary special attack, Phoenix II is a somewhat challenging game until you figure things out.

With over 60 different ships for you to unlock, Phoenix II is going to keep you busy for quite a while…

Once you’ve gotten your head around the surprisingly functional controls and have unlocked your very first spacecraft, it is time to test out your dodging skills in a space shooter where 90% of the screen is covered in bullets!

Although crazy at first, the relatively slow speed at which your enemies bullets travel combined with your ship’s tiny hitbox makes avoiding a seemingly deadly situation much easier than you might at first expect. If you think you’re about to die, quit trying to shoot your enemy and simply focus on dodging, your cannon/s will continue to auto-fire, so if you’re lucky they’ll die before you do! 💀

Much as we love this game, there is one aspect we definitely don’t love. The UI (User Interface) isn’t exactly great. Although you’ll have no trouble unlocking ships and hitting play, the evenly tabbed layout made it difficult for us to judge which tab’s were more important/relative to the gaming experience as a whole.

The Conclusion

With magnificent graphics, a stupidly amazing number of bullets and hardly any Ads to interrupt your gameplay, Phoenix II is one of those ballistic games we all need at least one of on our smart device.

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