Do you love those simple games that seem impossible to master? We’re not talking about the millions of Flappy Bird clones that all claim to be “impossibly addictive”. Nope, we’re talking about those rare games you find every once in a while that are so simple, you can’t seem to figure out why you suck at playing them…😕

Scale (by 101 Digital) is another one of those games you’ll understand almost instantaneously, yet struggle for hours just to get past the first few levels…

Played in a square box that looks a lot like the old screensaver on your grandma’s outdated PC, your mission in this game is to slowly cut this box into smaller and smaller pieces without harming a single while ball that bounces idly around the square. Sounds Easy!

Cuts are made by dragging and dropping tiles into the square, which shoot off two beams that cut the square the moment they reach the edges of the square, rectangle, or whatever shape your play area happens to be at the time.

There is no time limit, tile limit, or anything else. The only rule is, (If your ball touches either one of your cutting laser beams GAME OVER.) That’s it!

So in theory, this game should be quite easy. All you need to do is cut as far away from your player as possible and tada! Happy Days! Unfortunately, humans are greedy creatures and will start talking stupid and unnecessary risks in an attempt to gain wealth, (or in this case points), as fast as possible…


Scale is one of those games you’ll find yourself gradually struggling to play, the more times you play the game. Not because the game is actually getting harder, but because your own greed is ever so slowly killing you!

With a simplistic design overall, a bunch of different game modes for you to unlock and try out and a minimal number of ads, considering just how much this game is promoted on Social Media, Scale is a fun game we can honestly recommend! Especially if you struggle to control your ever growing greed! Perhaps this game will help?

The Conclusion

Are you in need of a simple game that may (or may not) fix all of your problems in life-related to your ever-growing desire for wealth and power!🔥

If so, it’s probably too late to save you.😭

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