Turn Right – Not as easy as you think…

How hard can it possibly be to “Turn Right?” Well, in the case of our game today, the answer is VERY! If you were the type of player that constantly found yourself drifting into walls as a young Mario Kart player, today we’ve got a game you’ll wish you never knew about…😱

Turn Right (by AVIX) is a simple game about an oval-shaped racetrack, a bunch of different cars and some super slippery corners. Played by touching on the screen of your device in order to turn right, your mission in this game is to drift around this minimalist racetrack without crashing into anything for as long as possible. Pretty-much impossible‼️

For starters, unlike any normal racing game, if you accidentally drift too far right, you can’t readjust your position by turning left, meaning you are pretty much…💀 That being said, if you don’t drift far enough you are also…💀

Although this game is astonishingly difficult at first, after playing the game for a while, you will soon get used to just how far you need to drift in order to stay close-ish to the center of the track you are on. In turn, making the game more enjoyable.😆

Turn Right

For those annoyingly gifted players who figure out how to play this game within the first 5 minutes of downloading it, Turn Right features 3 separate difficulty settings (90 mph, 110mph, and 130 mph) so you won’t feel left out.

With a bunch of different cars as well as game modes for you to try out (including a local multiplayer mode!) Turn Right is one of those minimalistic games with loads of functionality you may or may not use, depending on just how addicted you get…😆

The Conclusion

Are you ready to test out your (right) turning skills on the racetrack? If so, Turn Right is a fun little game we highly recommend you check out. If only it were available on iOS…

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