Are you a fan of the simple selection of mobile games published by the Ketchapp Team? If so this is our review of what – we think – may just be the best Ketchapp game released to date…!

Catch Up is a fast paced avoider type game with graphics that rock! Set on a 3D stage made up of a cluster of colorful moving obstacles, your goal in this game is to avoid smashing into anything while collecting green gems and letter tiles. Pretty standard…

Played using an intuitive set of (Touch and Drag) controls which allow you to speedily weave your way around obstacles, Catch Up – although fast – is a fairly simple and easy game to play just so long as you keep an eye out for what is coming up ahead.

70-80% of the obstacles in this game often don’t have an obvious way of being avoided until it is almost too late…! This means you will need to be prepared to make some split second maneuvers in order to survive longer than the first 10 seconds of gameplay…

Now, if you’re like some of us at Edamame Reviews chances are there are some 3D runner games you simply can’t play! Often the graphics in these types of games are either too bright or move at an illogically fast speed and are literally painful to look at. If you’ve experienced a game(s) like this, well, you’re in luck!

Although the speed in Catch Up can sometimes seem crazy, the graphics in this game are surprisingly clear and could almost be considered a joy to look at.

With a high-end set of colorful 3D graphics, an intuitive gamplay system, and an abundance of different balls for you to collect, this may just be the best Ketchapp game we’ve ever played.

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