Wandering SoulZ – Trails of the Dead

Zombie Soup

Set on the outskirts of an apocalyptic Zombie infested city, Sawyer and Lillian are fighting their way to safety. Each day/level brings new challenges they must face.

From Zombie Hoards, Saving Wesley, Clearing Houses, Collecting Ammo, Acid Rain, and Complete Darkness, Wandering SoulZ is a traditional 2D side-scrolling action game mixed with challenges and zombies to create a unique and fun gaming experience. Easy to jump right in – this deceptively simple game will keep you on your toes for hours.

The current release brings 99 different days/levels. Points gained during each day can be used to purchase new weapons, upgrade current weapons, and purchase more life and ammo. You’ll need to spend your points wisely so as to aid you in each zombie infested day. Can you help Sawyer and Lillian survive?

Wandering SoulZ brings a high rate of cartoon violence, blood, and gore and as such is recommended for ages 12+. Available on iOS devices only. Link to download provided below.


Are those updates?

To bring the best user experience possible Wandering SoulZ is frequently updated, in large part based on feedback directly from our user base. So what can you expect in the next update? Below is a current list of updates to come in early December 2017.

Weapons: BFG 9000, M32A1 Grenade Launcher, Landmines
Playable Characters: Santa Claus and a Teddy Bear named Trapper

Expect enhanced gameplay options and improved AI support for Wesley based levels.

In-App Purchases…say what?

Wandering SoulZ is completely free to play for days/levels 1-10, an in-app purchase can be made to unlock the remaining days/levels 11-99.

We feel that everyone that wants to play our game should have the ability to play without having to spend a dime. If you like, feel free to unlock the additional days or feel free to play days/levels 1-10 over and over again. A second in-app purchase is available for those that choose to purchase additional points to unlock weapons and gear quicker. But again this is solely up to the user.

There are absolutely zero ads at this point in time. Nothing but pure gameplay!


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