Wait, you’re not a developer? Then who are you!?

If you read our article: (“Game Reviewers” In Japan Are Well… Different…) You should already realize just how many media-related people were at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

In case you weren’t aware, 90% the people visible in that picture are media-related personnel (waiting in front of the media entrance), meaning the show was in no shortage of press-related personnel. That having being said, we would say 80% of the people we had the chance of talking with looked genuinely taken aback when they realized that they were talking with someone from the press…

Why? We think we have an answer…

Explained in more detail in the linked article above, one reason is likely because a lot of the so-called “Media” actually consisted of 攻略課 (Kou-Ryaku-Ka) whose job it is to play and complete the hottest new game available – not necessarily to interview developers.

The other reason was that most other media outlets spent the majority of their time sticking around one or two major booths their audiences would be most interested in (i.e. if your audience is mostly into PUBG, it would probably be a good idea to spend most of your time hanging around the PUBG booth).

In short, we were the weird ones…😅 Wandering around aimlessly in search of anything and everything cool and unique is not only tiring but likely very inefficient…

However, in our opinion, this is the most rewarding way to find cool new content for the lovely people who visit our site each day. Thank you for reading Edamame Reviews!

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