Before the event starts at 9:30 to 10:00 everyone (yes everyone) is required to wait in line. Press are given a special press entryway which is just as flooded as all the rest, but a special entry none the less. This means that a large group of people – whose job it is to interview others – have a slightly awkward chance to talk amongst themselves, and the things we learned here will blow your mind! Or at least, they blew our minds…

Are you ready…?

We already knew that the game media landscape in Japan was very different to the rest of the world – especially when it comes to Mobile Games – but were you aware that you can get a Job as a Final Fantasy “Compleater”?

Called 攻略課 (Kou-Ryaku-Ka) it is these peoples jobs to play and complete the hottest new games in the Japanese market, documenting how to complete each of the levels, stages, boss battles, etc. along the way.

Unlike English gaming media which normally leave walkthroughs or playthroughs up to small-ish YouTube channels (especially when it comes to mobile games), Japanese gaming media seize each of these opportunities as a way of attracting more views and for good reason!

The most popular mobile games played in Japan haven’t really changed for almost the last 5-8 years(!) meaning there is an incredibly high demand for walkthroughs as the games become more complex via updates and expansions.

If you’re excellent at playing Puzzles & Dragons, or have a thing for a game called Monster Strike, there is actually a chance you could land a job as a 攻略課 (Kou-Ryaku-Ka).😆


If you went to Tokyo Game Show 2018 – or would like to know anything specific, please feel free to leave a comment down below and we will either answer it directly or write up an article.


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