Waiit – A serious puzzle game you can’t puzzle over…

How long do you spend swiping through image after image on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc? So much of our day is spent swiping on the smooth glass surfaces of our touchscreen devices, we should all be fairly good at this simple action… When we’re not under intense pressure(!) that is…

Waiit is a super fast, super simple, puzzle game you won’t excel at. In fact, the players in this game will actually call out to one another saying, “Slow Down!”, “Wait!”, “I’m Stuck!” etc, at the exact moment you think, “Boy do I suck at this game…”

If you’ve ever played a game called Tomb of the Mask by Happymagenta, Waiit is basically the same game just with two players and way fewer traps. Played by swiping “up”, “down”, “left”, or “right” on the screen of your device in order to move your players, the only thing that can kill you in this game is the slowly crumbling stage. And kill you it will…💀

Your mission in this game is to climb up an infinitely long stage without getting stuck, which would be easy enough to do if it weren’t for the numerous “Check Points” you’ll be required to pass through…😓 Every 10 to 20 blocks or so, you will be required to pass both of your players through 2 colored checkpoints. (One for each player)

waiit_trailerThis proves to be a much harder task than you would first imagine, with your 2 players getting in the way of one another, one player passing through 2 or even 3 checkpoints leaving the other far behind, and of corse the crumbling stage…

If you like minimalist puzzle games that require logic, speed, and a little luck for you to succeed, this is probably the game for you.

With high-end graphics, a fast paced gameplay system, and an endless number of puzzles, this game is sure to have you addicted in seconds!

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