Brick Breaker addict? Check out TRI Breaker!

TRI Breaker

There is a common misconception that “Brick Breaker” was invented by Blackberry, and while it does hold the title for being the first mobile game pre-loaded on Blackberry phones in 2007 the original version was actually created almost thirty years prior.

70’s gamers are sure to recognize the title “Breakout”, as one of the top-selling games created for the Atari console back in 1976. In fact, Breakout was so popular there were over 20 different versions (and spin-offs) created between its initial release and the year 2003, including the ever popular “Super Breakout” and the infamous “Arkanoid.”

This beloved game style has spawned generations of fans, superfans, and straight up addicts all over the world, with hundreds of imitators and numerous inspirations.

TRI Breaker aims to take the Brick Breaker experience to the next level. As Breakout addicts ourselves, the team at Poxelgon had been rolling our eyes at cheap knock-offs and poorly made clones for years. Frustrated, by the offerings for mobile gamers Poxelgon set out to raise the bar and fulfill a lifelong dream by making TRI Breaker.

What originally started as a programming class assignment, lead designer Nicholas De La Rosa has made hundreds (if not thousands) of revisions to the original concept to morph TRI Breaker into a truly satisfying gaming experience. Over the course of several years and numerous updates, TRI Breaker is now a fully released game with all the extra special bells and whistles attached, including in-game challenges to earn rewards, unlockable perks and upgrades, and special bonuses that will help you swipe your way to the top of the leaderboards!


TRI Breaker is simple to play, but difficult to master. Swipe the ball toward a brick, but NEVER let the ball hit the edge of the screen. If the ball does go off the edge, well that’s GAME OVER.

The more bricks you break, the more swipes you will earn. Keep swiping your ball at all the bricks, but be careful not to run out of swipes. If you run out, you won’t be able to swipe away from the edges!

There are dozens of perks that can be unlocked and upgraded that will help you break more bricks, stay alive longer, and add a whole new level of depth to the game.


– Endless and addicting gameplay with infinite possibilities
– Simple and easy one-finger controls so you can play anywhere
– Complete challenges to earn extra rewards and raise your overall ranking
– Unlock and upgrade dozens of perks and bonuses
– Dozens of skins to unlock and customize your game with
– Leaderboards and achievements that allow you to compete with your friends and family

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Poxelgon Games is a US-based indie game studio founded in 2015 by Nicholas De La Rosa. We focus on bringing you simple, yet frustratingly addicting gaming experiences.

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