Do you remember a game called 1010! by GramGames? Funnily enough, 1010! was actually the 25th game to be featured on Edamame Reviews – way back before our site became popular among mobile gamers and developers. 😅

That’s why it is kind of special to see ZPLAY’s new and improved remix of one of the first games we ever reviewed.

For anyone who doesn’t know, 10Cube (by ZPLAY) is a simplistic Tetris style matching game about touching and dragging clusters of blocks onto a gridded play area in order to make a row that touches both edges of the grid either vertically or horizontally. For anyone who has attempted to play actual Tetris on a mobile device, this re-designed version of Tetris makes playing the iconic game way easier!

10Cube upgrades this simple new way of playing Tetris with 3D graphics, fluid animations, and a cool new levels mode we’ve never really seen before!

For anyone who played the original 1010! the one thing we disliked the most was the way in which it would only ever give you a new set of blocks once you had placed all the blocks currently in your hand somewhere on the play area. This would often cause you to have to make a rather stupid move in order to continue playing the game.

In 10Cube, the moment you place a block, a new one is added to your hand, meaning you always have the maximum number of pieces given to deal with the situation you are facing.

This also makes it very difficult to tell whether or not you are about to GAME OVER – which adds a level of insecurity and excitement to the gameplay.

The Conclusion

Whether you’re new to this type of Tetris or have been playing 1010! for years, 10Cube is a game we highly recommend checking out! It is going to be difficult to find another game quite this good… 😉

For anyone in need of an upgrade to their Tetris game, this is it – so don’t miss out!

Want to give 10Cube a try? The download link is just below.📲
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