Train Bandit – Finally! A great game from Wild Rooster!

The last game from Wild Rooster we reviewed definitely wasn’t the best game in the world… In fact, it was probably closer to the opposite… So, when Train Bandit landed a place in our list of games to check out, we weren’t exactly that excited… at first…! 😉

Train Bandit is an action-packed cowboy style fighter game for your mobile device. Set atop a speeding pixelated locomotive, your mission in this game is to fight enemies that attack you from the left and right using your insane Fighting & Shooting skills!

If you remember our review of Rush Fight, a game centered around essentially the same concept, Train Bandit isn’t surprisingly played using pretty much the same controls.

By tapping on either the left or right sides of your smart device, you can speedily smash enemies that attack you from either side of the screen. The further you progress through the game the faster things start to move, forcing you to push your skills to the absolute limits before you finally slip up and die… yes, literally die…💀

Unlike in Rush Fight, the pixelated cowboys in Train Bandit aren’t stupid. Although there are a large number of weak and stupid bandits who only take one punch to K.O. There are also some much smarter bandits who aren’t anywhere near as easy to take out.

With a buhch of different characters for you to unlock, (via punching bandets), surprisingly cool visual effects considering Train Bandit is a pixelated 2D game and a minimal number of ads to interrupt your gameplay, this is a game every 21st-century cowboy needs on their smartphone.

Give your hours a rest and play some video games…🎮

The Conclusion

Although the last game we tested from Wild Rooster wasn’t great, Train Bandit is an awesome game we expect many aspiring cowboys to enjoy! If you’re in need of a simple yet action-packed 2D fighting game then this is the game for you!

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