At Edamame Reviews we recently surpassed our 900th Article. This is quite an impressive landmark, although nowhere near as impressive as the amount of support provided by you guys. (We now have over 100K followers) …and so, naturally, we’ve come across quite a number of different games…🎮

Box Cat Bash is by far the most disappointing game we have ever seen… After watching the trailer above we were ready to set out on an adventure of a secret laboratory or something, and expected to have plenty of exciting stories to share with you in this quick review.

As you may have already guessed, there is no story for us to share. In fact, the trailer above is worse than the exciting trailers you see for a boring movie because more than half the stuff shown never even happens! …are you kidding me…😮

Played using a simple set of onscreen controls which allow you to jump, and move from side to side, Box Cat Bash has a storyline about as exciting as that of Flappy Bird, and a level of functionality on par with pretty much every other simple 2D game on the market. (i.e. unlockable skins, medals, etc.)

Lastly, as if to kill our experience with this game for good, after updating the game to version 1.0.4 the game now refuses to open meaning our review of Box Cat Bash will have to end here…

The Conclusion

Is Box Cat Bash a bad game? – on the premise that it actually runs on your device – not really…

Although the gameplay system is just a little too simple for us to consider addictive, if you’re into bashing cars that rain down on you from above with a very square cat, chances are you’ll enjoy this game.

Either way, we would like you to be well aware that the game you may see promoted in ads is “very different” to the actual thing you will be downloading…

Want to give Box Cat Bash a try? The download link is just below.😉

Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and as always thanks for following