You play some games because you are bored, you play some games because they are fun, …and, you play some games because you just can’t wait to see where the storyline will lead to next…

San Giorli is a beautiful game. Set in a futuristic “Chinatown Space-Colony”, the game begins when your player returns from a long interstellar expedition mission only to find his hometown deserted and empty of all human life… or so we think…?

Obviously, your player isn’t the type to leave a mystery unsolved and so, your exciting, challenging, and sometimes frustratingly difficult mission begins!

The game is played using controls that literally revolve around the position of your tiny pod-like spacecraft. By touching on the left-hand side of your screen your player will rotate around the spacecraft counterclockwise using a small jetpack attached to the back of his space suit, and by touching on the right-hand side of the screen your player will move in the opposite direction. Fairly straightforward.

Both your ship and your player are vulnerable to direct collisions with hard metal objects, and so it is your mission in this game to clear your ship a path as it slowly advances through each of the many different levels by connecting power cables that criss-cross the streets of your deserted hometown.

When it comes to graphics, there aren’t many games that stand a chance against San Giorli in a beauty contest. Especially in the category of casual puzzle games. With stunning visuals paired with a pitch-perfect soundtrack and sound effects, there is nothing more you could want or ask from a free puzzle game.

Last but not least is the story. Although we have been subtly hinting at it throughout our entire review, the storyline behind San Giorli is magnificent! With each new level, you are given a little more information as to why your hometown was deserted, adding an extra layer of depth to this already irresistible game!

If you are easily addicted to games, puzzles, or a good story, there is no escaping this game…

The Conclusion

If you’re after an amazing puzzle gaming experience you have come to the right review. If you haven’t figured already – we love this game, and there is a high chance you will too.

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