Through The Fog! – A 3D snake game that “doesn’t only” look awesome…!

Do you love zigzagging games? We do! We are probably some of the world’s biggest zigzagging game fans, and today we’ve found something so beautiful, so spectacular, so wonderful, it makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside ☺

Through The Fog! is a super high quality 3D zigzagger game that will shock your eyes with its extreme beauty! Every blooming flower, every falling waterfall, every drifting shape and object is so beautifully crafted, “Wow…” were the only words we could softly utter when we first saw this game… But the moment we put headphones on, everything we thought was awesome simply crumbled under our feet…

Through The Fog! is a simple zigzagger game with beautifull obstacles and stages that are all perfectly synchronized to different beautiful pieces of classical music! Every suddenly appearing block and slowly blossoming flower are all perfectly timed to the ups and downs in the song creating a truly remarkable user experience. But that isn’t all…!

Since Through The Fog! is a 3D game there is obviously a point from which “you, the player” must oversee the game. “Normally” game developers will set this position to a constant “x” pixels behind the player, but not in Through The Fog… Your viewing position in Through The Fog! is more like a drone in a movie! Diving down for a close up, and then sliding around for a side on angle shot, you are almost always guaranteed the best viewing angle possible!

Making a work of art out of such a “game like” concept in our opinion is a crazy idea, that turned out fantastically!

It’s not every day you stumble upon a game as beautiful as this, so if you love beautiful games we highly recommend you give Through The Fog! a try.

Beauty is only a click/tap away. The download link is just below 😉

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