Power Hover – Surf through a desolate wasteland in search of power…!?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly through a desolate wasteland on a hoverboard? We must say, we hadn’t… until just now😉

Power Hover is a game about a robot thief, stolen power, hoverboards, and of course some awesomely crazy obstacles. The game begins with an evil robot thief who steals your village’s only power source, electricity. We’re not exactly sure how this small evil robot managed to do so, (he doesn’t seem to be carrying your local power plant) but your mission is to capture him, and to take back the stolen power.

The game is played with a set of simple “tap on the left half of the screen to move left, and right to move right” controls that are easy to get used to and work wonderfully with the physics engine powering your hoverboard. Maneuvering around curves, and zigzagging through winding obstacle filled paths feels natural and really gives the player a sense of flight.

This is no doubt due to the momentum effects that are implemented into the game preventing you from immediately curving right after a leftward turn, (and of course vice versa.) This simple yet often overlooked effect really gives the player a sense of floating on a frictionless hoverboard, and really enhances the overall experience.

Now, when it comes to stages, Power Hover is a very different game to what most of us are beginning to get used to. Power Hover’s story is based around individual stages meaning each level isn’t endless, and won’t be completely regenerated after you clear the game or die.

Thanks to this story based level system both the story and your skill level increase in unison to the game’s overall difficulty level making Power Hover a challenging yet smooth game to play.

Power Hover is an awesome little hoverboard style runner game with a decent storyline and levels designed to help you keep up with the game’s overall difficulty. (A challenging yet fun and enjoyable game.)

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