Mini Mix Mayhem – The “hardest” compilation of “easy” games ever!

Most people like minigames because they are easy. Mini games don’t usually require a lot of skill to complete and thus can be played while doing more important things such as eating, watching tv, annoying your uncle, and much, much more.

Mini Mix Mayhem is more than just “a” mini game, this game is a compilation of 36 super simple minigames that will terrorize both you and your uncle so badly you may actually decide to join forces!

Starting off on a 2 by 2 grid of TVs, all of a sudden one of the 36 minigames will appear on one of the screens. Obviously you’ll be required to clear the game, but almost before you’ve finished playing the first game the second game will appear, followed close behind by a third, then a forth… do you get the idea?

Mini Mix Mayhem is a game about flooding you the player, with a truck load of minigames that all require a small amount of attention each, meaning you’ll be required to split up your focus between 4 completely different games that are all constantly changing!

If this sounds too stressful to do on your own, it’s time to call in your uncle! This game has a total of 3 modes, single player mode with 4 screens all to yourself, multiplayer mode with 2 screens each, and party mode with 22 screens to play with a whole host of friends and uncles.

Not one of the mini games in Mini Mix Mayhem could ever be called difficult by Edamame Reviews’ standards, but all together… Wow…😓

If you’re planning a party with a lot of friends or would just like to see how well you can multi task, this game is an awesome game we haven’t seen anything quite like ever before!

(A challenge to all the crazy gamers in the world, try playing party mode with 22 screens all alone 😁 )

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