Stack Buddies – The game that helps you overcome your UFO addiction…?

Do you like arcade games i.e. “As in, literal ‘real’ arcade games?” Stack Buddies – although a mobile game – has a strangely similar feel to the arcade games you play at Game Centers for around $1 a turn…

Stack Buddies is a game about stacking (Gasp! I would never have guessed!) and has the same addictive annoyingness as a UFO Catcher in Tokyo.

The game starts off with your UFO like alien “thing” floating above a slowly moving white platform. By tapping on the screen of your device your UFO can drop a block that will hopefully land on the white platform thus becoming the first block in your soon to be tower. The only small problem you’ll be faced with is that both your UFO and the platform are drifting around on your screen making it extremely difficult to land your block exactly where you want.

If you’ve experienced that strange addiction to UFO Catchers, this game has that same sort of addictive nature you finally snap out of “after” you’ve used up every last coin in your wallet…

If you’re planning a trip to Tokyo and are terrified you’re going to use up all of your savings on one stupid arcade game, it may be time you conquered your addiction… use Stack Buddies.

If this isn’t the case, and you would just like a simple mobile game that feels like an arcade game for your long flight to Tokyo (Why are we relating everything to Tokyo?) here it is.

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