Theo Space Miner – Check your skill in this puzzle game

Theo Space Miner

Theo Space Miner is a physics and logic-based puzzle / arcade game for iOS. Your mission in Theo Space Miner is to collect minerals and fuel on planets full of space machines with different abilities.

In the year 2235, the resources on Earth are limited. Theo, (the hero of the game), travels to planets in his ship and collects minerals so that people can continue living on Earth.

To complete each level you will need to solve a physics-based puzzle that will challenge your logic and skill-based abilities. You will visit four planets (100 levels) and the first planet is available for free. The game contains in-app purchases that will unlock additional planets.

Theo Space Miner

How to play?

You control Theo’s ship by tapping and dragging on it in order to choose the direction and power of your flight (or shot). The ship’s behavior is based on physics, and when choosing the direction of your flight, you need to be careful because you can fly outside the level.

Collecting minerals is not always an easy task because each mineral acts differently. For example, Cosmica’s mineral can teleport itself making it difficult to gather, Babata’s mineral can only be collected when visible, etc.

Additional challenges include a variety of different space machines. Obstacles like gravity pusher will dislocate Theo’s ship in a random direction, radars will shoot a bullet in the ship’s direction when it is detected and varied lasers will destroy Theo’s ship.

You will also encounter machines that can help you avoid obstacles – bounce pads can be used to maneuver around obstacles, and transport pads or tunnels will help move the ship to positions that can’t be reached otherwise.

You can advance to the next level by collecting all the minerals scattered around each level and flying through the portal. In order to unlock new planets, you are required to collect a given amount of fuel.

The easy and obvious way is not always the right way to solve the puzzle in Theo Space Miner. In order to achieve the highest score on each level, you will need to find the shortest way to finish the level.

Theo Space Miner


– Physics-based gameplay.
– 4 planets (100 levels).
– Hand-drawn backgrounds.
– Original music and sound effects.
– Easy to learn and difficult to master.
– Lots of achievements to complete.
– iCloud synchronization so your game progress will be saved across all your devices.
– No annoying ads.
– More free planets in future updates (Gold Package).



Theo Space Miner

About – Mandigondo

My name is Michal Barszczewski and Theo Space Miner is the first game that I have created. I have always wanted to create games and wanted to make something that people would enjoy.

I also wanted to be fair with players, and for that reason, I have not included any ads in my game that could interrupt a player’s experience. I have also made the first planet free so that players can try the game and – if they like it – can decide if they want to buy it.

Theo Space Miner, in theory, should have been a fast and simple game to make. In reality, creating it took me way too long, but the result of my work has been very rewarding.

Basically, everything in this game was created by me. I learned a lot during the development of Theo Space Miner. I think that the result of my work is a unique and challenging gameplay experience full of new mechanics and puzzles to solve.

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