Have you ever played a mildly serious game of capture the flag with your friends or family that quickly developed into something terrifying!? …and potentially life-threatening…? Before you even consider trying it, a word of advice from our team. It isn’t a good idea!

Sneak Ops (by Noodlecake Studios Inc and Gritmaniacs) is potentially the best spy game we have ever played on a mobile device. For anyone who loved a game called Spy Mouse back when Cut the Rope was the hottest new game on Mobile, this new game of 2018 will blow you away with a shower of lead and gunfire…

Set in a heavily guarded pixelated laboratory(?) / enemy HQ(?) thing, your mission in this game is to sneak past countless surveillance systems, traps, and guards with guns in order to collect floppy drives no one in this generation even knows how to use anymore. 😅

The game is played on a kind of gridded stage, (you can tell that there is a grid thanks to the tiled floor), and it is your mission in this game to tap on different areas of the grid in order to make your player dash to that location without being detected. For anyone who has played a spy game like this on their mobile device, the gameplay in Sneak Ops is incredibly smooth, since you aren’t drawing lines or fiddling around with tiny on-screen joysticks.

In addition to simple controls, Sneak Ops features a new mission for you to complete every day of the week! Whether or not you’ll make it to the end within 24 hours is up to you and your skill as a spy…

After playing this game for a little bit, we can successfully say that the key to success in Sneak Ops is… Persistence… 😜

The Conclusion

With beautifully pixelated graphics, nicely animated players, simple controls, and a fairly high number of Ads, if you enjoy playing this game, we would highly recommend that you disable Ads via In-App-Purchase.

Otherwise, you’ll still have fun, but you’ll have to watch a whole lot of Ads…

Want to give Sneak Ops a try? The download link is just below.📲
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