The Balloons – Endless Floater

The The Balloons is a super difficult game where you basically try to fight a balloons final fate, popping…

Let loose in an endlessly big cave like stage, your job is to help guide your balloon up through spike infested passageways, past dart shooting critters, and probably much, much more. We kept on dying and didn’t get all that far…

From the controls perspective, this game is really pretty easy. Tapping on one half of the screen moves you left left, the other right. There is not much more to it. How Noodlecake manages to kill you 10 times in one minute with these simple controls somehow reminds me of flappy bird.

For users who weren’t a fan of flappy bird, chances are you won’t like this game ether.

The only downfall we found with this game is that all the characters currently must be bought with real money. We sort of hoped that we could get more with the in game coins, but sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case…

The Balloons_SS1 The Balloons_SS2

If you’re interested in drifting up through a spike filled cave filled with crazy spike blasting critters, I’d bet it would be nearly impossible to find a better fit.

And, for anyone interested, our high score was a whopping 36… Beat that…!

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