Some games just aren’t supposed to make sense…😕

Telepaint is an extremely well-made puzzle game that kind of makes sense… Centered around a living breathing teleporting Paint Bucket that wanders around a 2D stage in search of an equally odd Paint Brush, your mission in this game is to skillfully teleport your paint splashing player around the stage in an attempt to help him find his brushy-pal.

The concept is fairly straightforward and the super easy to follow in-game tutorial does a great job of making this game look easy. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth…!

Played using a number of skillfully positioned teleporters you’ll need to make use of in order to make your way around the stage without dying, never before have we seen a game that requires you to think so hard about the order in which you do things…
This is a game that would make your maths teacher from middle school proud…😅

Although we can only start to imagine how insanely challenging the higher levels in this game must be, in the lower levels at least Telepaint requires players to skillfully manage the direction in which your player is moving in order to survive!

Your player will move forever left or right in whatever direction it is traveling until it bumps into a wall and starts walking in the opposite direction. Allowing your player to switch direction either too late, or too early will often be the deciding factor between life and death meaning you will need to keep an eye out for almost everything in this game! Even the direction in which you walk…

The Conclusion

With cute pixelated graphics that don’t reflect the hideously challenging puzzles in this game… 6 different game worlds to explore and over 100 uniquely puzzling levels for you to struggle though, this is a game every puzzle loving genius needs on their smartphone.

Want to give Telepaint a try? The download link is just below😉

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