…7 Years from its release in 2010, are you still in love with the “Light Cycles” from the arguably awesome film Tron…? Well, today we’ve got a game that was practically designed for you!

Rider is an almost minimalist style racing game with graphics that look like something taken right out of the world of Tron. Set on a glowing neon racetrack, your mission in this game is to jump, flip, and collect gems as you speedily race forever onward in an attempt to perform the coolest tricks imaginable! …without crashing and burning…💀

Played by (Touching and Holding) on the screen of your device to both move forward while on the ground and to flip while in the air, Rider is a fairly easy game to play and seems to grow more and more addictive the longer you play it.

Although the controls and speed at which you flip do take some getting used to, thanks to the minimal number of ads and easily restartable gameplay system, Rider makes it super simple and easy to master the basics of this game without getting bogged down by annoying ads in the process…

With a bunch of different cars and bikes to unlock, an abundance of stage variations to master… or not… and nothing stopping you from scrolling just a little further down, (toward the Download Links) Rider may just be the game for you…?

The Conclusion

Do you have what it takes to spend countless hours flipping a virtual car or bike on your smartphone without feeling that you are wasting your life in any way, shape or form?
If so, you need a job as a Reviewer…😜

Want to give Rider a try? The download link is just below😉

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