Collider Shapes – Visual Effects Gone Wild…

Have you ever attempted to make a video game? Depending on how far you got with your creation, chances are somewhere along the line you stumbled upon a treasure trove of awesomeness commonly known as, “Visual Effects”…

Collider Shapes is a game that can pretty much be summed up by the words, “Visual Effects Gone Wild!” …Set on a 2D stage with an almost impractical level of exciting visual effects for you to focus on, your mission in this game is to help a “literally helpless” ball jump up a never ending stage of madness without dying.💀

Played using a super simple set of (One Touch) controls to bounce your player in an upward direction, Collider Shapes gives you practically no control over the direction in which your ball travels… other than up…⬆️

This in itself isn’t too hard, especially considering the only obstacles you’ll need to avoid are 2 spinning red gate like obstacles that show up periodically as you make your way up the screen of your device.

Overall Collider Shapes would have been an exceedingly simple game if it weren’t for the fact that this game is packed with colorful obstacles of all different shapes and sizes that do a great job of knocking your helpless player around the stage… and into spinning red gates…😡

Although having your player randomly bouncing around the stage doesn’t really matter too much of the time, things start to get rather tricky once you need to make use of some obstacles to push you in the right direction while doing your best to avoid others with the little control you have.

Overall Collider Shapes is an interesting game you’ll likely struggle to call your favorite mobile game of all time.

Although the concept is interesting and the game is definitely worth giving a try, you probably won’t want this as your “primary” source of entertainment while on the go.

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