Swing Skills – Rope Swinging Madness

Do you like fast-paced arcade games with toucans, tigers and… toothbrushes? Wait, What!?

Swing Skills is a fun rope swinging game where you swing a toucan and a host of quirky characters through colorful worlds. It’s easy to pick up and play, and there are no annoying ads to interrupt your gameplay.

Your aim in this game is to is to save your friends from the nefarious Swingorms, who have kidnapped your friends from the jungle into their evil Swingorm machine. By earning high scores and opening free gifts, you can save them from their prison. Once you free them, they’re yours to play as forever!

Swing Skills

How to play?

Swing Skills is very easy to play – tap anywhere on the screen and your character will throw a rope there. The first character you play as is the monkey – you learn to swing through the jungle by tapping on the tree canopy and swinging rightwards. Place your taps well and you’ll make your way through the world, passing through checkpoints and collecting coins. The camera moves right all the time, so keep up or you’ll lose a life!

As you unlock more characters you’ll find them more and more challenging. There are lots of worlds to explore – some cute and slippy like the penguin’s, some neon and retro like the businessman’s, and some calming and beautiful like the divers. Each world is handcrafted with care – not just randomly generated.

There are also lots of secrets to find – I wonder if any Edamame readers can find the Hidden Boomerang?

Swing Skills


– Lots of adorable blocky characters
– Cool costumes – try the Orca suit for the Penguin, the Frog suit for the Monkey, or the Sprinkles for the Ice Cream Cone
– Discover secrets like the Floppy Disk or the Golden Banana
– Dodge the evil Swingorms’ Spike Drops and Lethal Lasers
– Compete against your friends for the High Score
– Realistic ragdoll swinging physics
– Free to Play – ads and purchases are completely optional


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Swing Skills

About – Heavy Frog Games

Heavy Frog Games is a one-man development studio located in the United Kingdom.

This is my first game, and I’ve worked on it 4 days a week for the last 2 and a half years. I don’t know if I’ll make any money off it, but even if a few people give it a chance and enjoy it, I’ll be happy! Thank you!

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