How to block Ads in apps for free on iOS and Android! …but is it safe…


“To anyone and everyone reading this article, CAUTION! The app we are about to show you has been tested and does do as advertised (i.e. block Ads within apps) however, we have yet to verify how safe or secure it is as a service. Use at your own risk…”

👆👆👆 This was “going” to be the opening paragraph, (oh, wait, it still is), to our article covering Luna – an app that allows you to block Ads within all of your favorite apps and games.

Thankfully the super kind guys at Emban Networks explained how Luna functions (i.e. makes money) without selling your personal data! Which is awesome, because now we can use Luna freely without stressing out about having our data stolen!

Thanks Guys! 😆

Luna (by Emban Networks) is the free Ad blocker for iOS and Android we have been waiting for! After joking about how someone would one day create a service designed to block annoying Ads within games for years now, we recently realized that we had never really looked into the subject seriously… and surprise, surprise, we are living in the future…

Never afraid to give a new service a try, we quickly installed Luna on one of our testing devices and what do you know! No Ads!!!! YEEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!! 😂😆😂😆

This is awesome, we love it, but we uninstalled it. 😩 …and here’s why…
*After our interview with Emban Networks, we decided to re-installing it right away!

For anyone who isn’t aware, Ad blockers in your browser scan the HTML code of every web-page you visit in search of code which is commonly associated with Ads and prevents that code from either being loaded or rendered.

If you think about it, this means browser Ad blockers literally have access to whatever you are looking at on the web which is a little creepy, to say the least, but at least they can’t see “everything” your device is sending and receiving from the interweb…

Luna, on the other hand, uses a VPN – which is commonly used to trick servers into thinking you are watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. from a different country. This approach allows Luna to act as a sort of gateway between your device and the internet, monitoring “everything” that is uploaded or downloaded to/from your device.

👆👆👆This last statement isn’t 100% true… Although Emban Networks could not share too much information about how their systems actually work – they explained how their systems only track and block requests from Ad networks which should theoretically speed up your gameplay, web browsing, and extend your battery life, since your phone isn’t constantly downloading ads in the background.

Luna is 100% free, and awards users for staying online using the Luna VPN for 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, etc. Although we love free stuff, this originally sounded kind of creepy to us until Emban Networks explained that they also offer a pro-version which offers all the same services and more for a monthly subscription which makes a whole lot more sense.

Originally, this is where I would have told you that if something sounded too good to be true, then it probably is. This time it is a little bit different. After talking with the guys at Emban Networks, we look forward to actually using Luna more extensively just to see how our hopes hold up!

As one editor pointed out, the fact is, you are still giving Emban Networks access to the traffic which is sent and requested from your device which is a risk. Ultimately it boils down to, do you trust Emban Networks with your data which is, unfortunately, a question we cannot answer.

If you would like to give Luna a try, you can download it here.
In case you were wondering, this article isn’t sponsored.

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