Super Fowlst – The deadliest chicken we’ve ever seen…

Are you afraid of chickens? If you’ve never thought of chickens as deadly killing machines, Super Fowlst (by Thomas Young) is a game you really need to check out because chickens are scary… like, really scary…

Super Fowlst is a game about a Super Saiyan chicken and a bunch of red enemies who don’t stand a chance against the deadly blows of your overpowered Gallus Gallus Domesticus! (Which is a fancy way of saying Chicken)

Although kind of ironic since calling someone a Chicken is usually considered an insult, Super Fowlst is played by tapping on the left and right sides of the screen in order to bounce your chicken up at a slight angle, either left or right. Using this simple mechanic, Super Fowlst allows you to smash your enemies by physically colliding with them in mid-air!

This is probably a problem only people like us will experience, but it actually took us a lot longer to get used to the controls in Super Fowlst than we were expecting. Since most mobile games that use this sort of mechanic are centered around “avoiding enemies”, it was actually kind of difficult to try and collide with them…😅

Set on a series of different colorful pixelated 2D stages, your mission in this game basically consists of smashing enemies in order to move on to the next enemy filled stage. In that sense, Super Fowlst does get kind if repetitive over time.

That having been said, the game currently has a total of 20 unlockable characters as well as 4 different upgrades you can spend your hard-earned coins buying. Oh, and also, the game doesn’t have too many Ads which is a big bonus in 2018!

The Conclusion

For anyone who has always feared Chickens, Super Fowlst (by Thomas Young) is a game that is guaranteed to make your fear even more ridiculous.😂

With a lovely pixelated 2D design, an equally attractive price tag (free), and an endless supply of enemies to smash, this is the perfect game to have on your phone next time you visit KFC…

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