Ice – How annoying it is to lose at the finish line…

Ice is slippery… Even if you don’t live in a frosty part of the globe that seems to freeze over every 6 months, most people know just how slippery (and sometimes dangerous) ice can be…

Ice (by Voodoo) is a slippery new racing game from an equally slippery and difficult to grasp publisher (i.e. Voodoo) about a game that lets both you and your opponents slide into first place just before the finish line. So to put things into perspective, there is a whole lot of sliding going on in this game…😂

Set on the icy minimalistic slopes of a 2D mountain, your mission in this game is to slide down the slippery slopes along with 5 other players in an attempt to be the first cube to cross the finish line!

Played by tapping on the screen of your device in order to jump, you can overtake your opponents by either jumping at just the right time to pass over them, or crush them for a short amount of time by landing on top of them. Either way, you get ahead which is what you want.

Each time you win a race (or crush an opponent) you are given rubies which can be used to buy presumably nothing…? We’re not sure what’s going on here, because there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot (actually – nothing) we can buy at the moment? Perhaps we are a little too early like we were with Helix Jump when it was first released…😅

Other than the fact that the game feels “slightly” unfinished Ice is a fun game for your iOS device so long as you can put up with all the Ads. At this rate, it is only a matter of time before someone designs an Ad blocker for Mobile Games…😓

The Conclusion

With simple controls, a whole heap of Ads (we have come to expect from Voodoo) and presumably more unlockable skins in the not so distant future(?) Ice is yet another game from Voodoo that is simple and easy to play when your phone is in airplane mode. ✈️

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