STRIKER – A Real Challenge!


Do you always get excited about playing “hyper-casual” games on your mobile device? Since the creation of hyper-casual games, a lot has changed, more innovation in terms of gameplay and game eco-system but one thing is common in every hyper-casual game and that is the “art style”. This art style is pleasant for our eyes and gives the player a good sense of immersion. This art style combined with interesting gameplay mechanics creates an awesome user experience which is what Striker is.

I have always been impressed by hyper-casual games – which is why I thought of creating one myself – and am here to introduce Striker to you all! Striker is an output of my passion for making games. Deceptively simple yet hyper challenging, Striker has beautifully crafted dynamic levels. At the end of each level, there is a Quotation that motivates the player to get past the obstacles and advance further, so each level is crafted with care.

Striker was developed by Amber Rock Studios and Published by God’s Eye Developers.


How to play?

Striker – This deceptively simple game for Android is played using a simple and intuitive tap mechanics which is all about timing. The player has to strike the ball from one platform to another by avoiding the dynamic and challenging obstacles within a limited amount of time. Each platform has a separate time limit, and the player must strike their ball from one platform to another before time runs out.

Tapping and holding on the screen allows the player to stop a rotating Aimer in the direction the player would like to aim. When this is done, a radial time bar will appear around the ball and begin to count down, and by releasing your finger you can strike the ball in the direction the Aimer points to.



There are 8 reasons why you will love Striker
– Simple and intense gameplay.
– Sudden action and super dynamic game mechanics.
– Hyper casual, dynamic 2D graphics and a super-engaging soundtrack.
– Highly challenging and delicious gameplay.
– Super motivational quotes.
– Upcoming updates with more levels and more gameplay.
– An eye-pleasing design with colorful themes.
– Amazingly crafted dynamic levels and more to come.




About – Amber Rock Studios & God’s Eye Developers

Amber Rock Studios is a very tiny indie studio based in India. We consist of one full-time game Designer, Programmer, Artist, and Marketer. Our goal is to bring you a new gameplay experience. Amber Rock Studios is the Developer of Striker.

God’s Eye Developers is a tiny Indie game Publishing and game development studio based in India. A team of Developers and Marketers are the heart of the studio.

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This article was Published by Edamame Reviews, Written by Amber Rock Studios
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