Stop the massive rush-hour gym crowd from taking the only squat rack in the gym! Squat Rack Defender is a fast paced pixel art game inspired by classic arcade games. Defend your squat rack as long as possible and climb to the top of the leaderboards. Don’t let anyone reach your squat rack!

Growing up, I enjoyed fast-paced arcade pixel art games like Metal Slug. Those old-school arcade games eventually inspired me to create my first game, Squat Rack Defender. I wanted to make a game with a unique theme but still maintain an old school feel. When I used to frequent the gym during peak hours, I would often hear people complain about the only squat rack in the gym being taken. Some people would even argue/fight over who was next. These altercations I witnessed first-hand inspired me to make a game based around this idea. Thus, the player has to defend the gym squat rack from other pesky gym-goers!

How to play?

Squat Rack Defender is a hard game but easy to play. The objective is for players to prevent other gym-goers from reaching the Squat Rack and they do so by simply tapping on the screen. Squat Rack Defender features a one-button control scheme inspired by Matt Glanville’s, “Switch N Shoot”.

By tapping the screen, players can simultaneously change direction and attack. Players advance through waves by collecting the various powerups. Consequently, enemies spawn at a faster rate.


+ One-touch controls (Easy to pick up, hard to master)
+ Fast paced arcade style gameplay
+ Addicting arcade action
+ Retro graphics and sound
+ Old school arcade difficulty
+ Epic boss battles
+ Unlock achievements
+ Over 12 unlockable characters
+ 5 unlockable gyms
+ Music by 3rd Note Creatives

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