Every so often you stumble upon a game that just doesn’t make any sense. Sure it’s fun and functions like any other game you could download on the Apple App Store or Google Play – it just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever!!

The game we are featuring today is one of those games, and I have to admit, we kind of like it… 😂 (by Rooster Games) is a ridiculous game. Set on some sort of platform surrounded by an empty void – whether that be in the middle of the ocean or high in the sky – your mission in this game is to grab wobbly low poly people and throw them overboard! Be the last person standing and you win!

In all honesty, the graphics aren’t great and neither is the control scheme – it took us quite a while to get used to swiping and tapping at the right time in order to properly pick up and throw our opponents – but once you get used to them it isn’t too bad… In fact, we would go so far as to say everything bad about this game somehow actually adds to the overall fun and ridiculousness of

For anyone looking for a quick laugh to cheer up your day, this game is pretty much guaranteed to do the job.

That having been said, I can’t exactly see players playing this game for longer than a month or two, which is why you should really enjoy the novelty while it lasts.

With a total of 13 wobbly drunk players for you to unlock, a level system we don’t exactly understand just yet – nothing in the game seems to be directly linked to your level at this point in time – and a bunch of different stages that rotate randomly in order to prevent you from getting bored too quickly, this is a stupid game you need to play!

The Conclusion

Are you feeling down and unhappy? If so, you’ve stumbled upon what may just be the best review + game on Edamame Reviews to cheer your spirits! 😂

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