Tiles Hop – Good music in a simple game

One problem I think a lot of people have with mobile games centered around music is less about the actual game itself and more about the music featured within the game. Over the years we have featured a bunch of different games centered around music, and have begun to notice 2 main trends.

Those games which use classical music + royalty free stock music in order to avoid copyright infringement – a good idea, but not exactly all that exciting for players.

And those games which go that extra mile and use popular fitting music in their games. Tiles Hop (by AMANOTES) is one of those games that goes that extra mile.

Set on a neon-colored 3D plane, your mission in this game is to skillfully hop from one tile to the next to the beat of whatever music you chose. Currently featuring a selection of over 30+ songs with the option of using your own music via Apple Music (on iOS) Tiles Hop is by far the best casual music game we’ve had the pleasure of testing in recent times.

With a similar control scheme to most games such as Splashy (by Voodoo) and Hop (by Ketchapp), Tiles Hop should not only be super easy for anyone who has ever played either of these two games to master but is also one of the few games in 2018-2019 we’ve seen that actually builds on an idea – not an obvious rip-off. 😂

One more thing we found interesting about this game was the fact that you aren’t required to subscribe for $12.00/week in order to “Unlock All Songs” or something equivalent. Most of the songs can be unlocked by watching a quick 30 second Ad which is actually good for the player as you aren’t plagued with an unbearable number of Ads once you actually start playing the game.

The Conclusion

As it stands, there is a whole lot going for this game, and not a lot we can hold against it. If you’re after a simple music-centered game you can play while on the go, this is a game we could recommend to almost any player with confidence!

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