Spiral Tower – A game so simple, yet impossible…

Are you a fan of the super high quality “Minimalist Games” published by the Ketchapp team? Although simple-looking at first sight, a lot of the time these simple-looking games can be some of the hardest games you will ever play, and today’s game is no exception…

Spiral Tower is a challenging game based on an endless staircase, a tower, and lots of obstacles. Designed with the same beautiful minimalist graphics 90% of Ketchapp Games seem to feature, Spiral Tower is a beautiful game. But “beauty” doesn’t stop it from being impossible…

Played using simple, (Touch to Move, Release to Stop) controls, your mission in this game is to climb this infinitely long staircase without getting pushed off, crushed, slashed, spiked, or have the staircase simply vanish from beneath you😱 99% of the things in this game are designed to kill you, including the stage itself! …And kill you it will…💀

Although your fate / doom is decided the moment you hit (Start Game), the level you manage to reach before you die is dependent only on your skill level as a gamer.

With no booster items or lucky chance blocks like in Super Mario, the only thing stopping you from getting a high score is well… “you”…

…Do you have what it takes to truly play Spiral Tower…?

Although Spiral Tower may look like a beautiful game you can play on and off, the truth is far more sinister… With death traps everywhere and no items to help you, the only thing you can depend on in Spiral Tower is your gamer skill level.

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