Don’t Grind – A game that teaches kids what it’s like to be a banana… In a Blender…

Have you ever wondered how terrified the banana that goes into your smoothy must be? Imagine, sharp blades cutting into you, grinding you down to a soft smooth gooey mess… TRULY DISGUSTING😨

Don’t Grind is a game about everyday fruits that would rather live just a little longer… Set on a stage that doubles as a death trap, your mission in this game is to continually bump your fruity friend up in order to spare its life for just a little longer.

Played using tap and swipe controls, you can bump your player directly up using a single tap, or bump it up at an angle by tap-swiping either left or right. The controls are fairly easy, and you should get used to them pretty quickly. …Game Overs, on the other hand, are a little harder to get used to…

Taking full advantage of your smartphone’s brilliant vibration engine, this game will violently vibrate on Game Over, letting you REALLY KNOW when you’ve messed up! Although we’ve played a lot of games as reviewers, Don’t Grind is probably the best at letting you know that you’ve died…

Lastly, although the graphics in this game aren’t low quality, they do look a lot like a doodle taken from some kids notebook. “Is this bad?” Definitely not! If it was any more realistic than it is right now it would actually be a little gross😰 …and considering what the Laser Dog Team is capable of (i.e. HoPiKo) we wouldn’t be surprised if the doodle graphics in Don’t Grind were deliberate.

Do you enjoy playing slightly gross, slightly psychopathic games every once in a while? If so, Don’t Grind is one of the latest and greatest games on the App Store and Google Play!

With disgusting splattering graphics – actually it’s not that bad😋 – a terrified banana, and lots of deadly grinding obstacles, this game is sure to bring a smile to your face!

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