Space Erase

Though we’ve played plenty of space shooters in the past we’ve never played a space puzzle. Space Erase by Appco LLC is probably one of the first of its kind and is a great first step. The graphics are very simple, making the key pieces in the puzzle easy to work out, not that it makes the game itself easy…

The aim of the game is simple, push moons, suns, stars, and much more around a gridded asteroid belt so as to match up pairs. When a pair of objects are matched together they either disappear or fuse together to create an asteroid which is immovable (e.g. the moons).

The concept is pretty simple, Space Erase is not, especially when working with the moons. One wrong move and the puzzle may become literally impossible to solve! On top of this you are given an amazingly short time limit in which to solve the puzzle making it all the more difficult!

When we mentioned potentially creating an easier mode for beginners, Appco LLC informed us that they were considering it, and that levels of difficulty may be added in an update soon.

Though some people may find this game a little on the too simple side, we think it’s a great move in an interesting and new direction.

Space Erase_SS1 Space Erase_SS2

If you’re interested in taking on potentially the hardest puzzle game we’ve ever had the chance to review, well, here it is!

And for all those people who find it their pride and joy to beat us reviewers at our own game, our current level is an awesome 16! Beat that!

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