Sonic Dash – Nothing short of pure awesomeness!

Did you used to play Sonic Heroes on your heavy gaming console? (or even heavier PC?) For players who would love to dash around the “Futuristic Fantasy” world of Sonic Heroes just once more, now you can! …and you won’t need a heavy gaming console.

Sonic Dash is nothing short of being a real console game. You could literally port this game over to Playstation or Xbox and no one would look twice! The only thing stopping this from actually happening previously was the extreme lack of functionality… 

With a similar gameplay system to any ordinary runner game such as Temple Run, Sonic Dash is played using pretty much the controls you’d expect. By swiping left or right you can switch lanes, and by swiping either up or down you can jump or roll under obstacles and or enemies.

At first, this is pretty much all this game was, a standard (or potentially less than standard) runner game that looked amazing. Beautiful, but boring… Not any more!

Featuring a whole new set of Beautiful Stages, Boss Battles, a bunch of New Characters and much more! This game has gone from a “visually stunning” game to an “actually stunning” game every Sonic Heroes fan must have!

Did you used to to play Sonic Heroes on your big and heavy console before sleek and light smartphones were invented?

Who would have ever imagined you could play an equal – or even better – quality game on a device the size of a calculator.

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