Maximum Car – An action packed arcade racer featuring your own private commentator…!?

Do you love the commentators in arcade racing games? We do… Until they start telling us how badly we suck at playing racing games…😡

Maximum Car is an arcade style racing game which, if you haven’t guessed already, has a commentator, and a fairly blunt one at that… In this game you can look forward to being verbally told when you suck, did something stupid, or simply made a mistake. Annoying in a very different way to most racing games😉

Besides the “sometimes annoying”, “sometimes awesome” commentator, this game also features a set of cool 3D pixel graphics that – put simply – look amazing! With fiery explosions, cool slow motion effects, and lots of nitrox, this game is cram packed with enough action to satisfy the highest of action lovers!

Now, when it comes to the gameplay, Maximum Car takes a slightly downward turn. You see, although the basic controls such as “steering”, “boosting”, and “shooting missiles” are very easy to use, when it comes to drifting (an essential part of any serious racing game) the “simple controls” often seem to backfire sending you shooting head first into a wall…

Although this doesn’t happen anywhere near enough to be a reason to consider not playing the game, Maximum Car would definitely become a much cooler game if drifting worked every time.

Do you love arcade style racing games that have your own private commentator just to tell you how good – or bad – you are?

Maximum Car is an arcade style racer game cram packed with enough action to satisfy even the most action loving mobile racers!

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