Drifty Chase – Time to rob a bank! (No, Seriously, please don’t…)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to rob a bank? Besides being very dangerous, illegal, and basically the wrong way to “Get Rich Quick”, it would also be very difficult to escape, especially if you committed your crime in a densely populated area…

Drifty Chase is probably the most realistic police chase game we’ve played in a long time. Set in a city filled with cars of all different sizes, traveling at a variety of distinctly different speeds, your mission in this game is to drift through intersections, merge into moving traffic, and try to break free of your pursuers all without crashing into anything!

Although what you are required to do is very challenging, surprisingly enough playing this game is actually rather easy. You see, the game is played using simple swipe controls, i.e. swipe either left or right in order to do a 90 degree drift in that direction, and at each intersection there are so many signs showing you which way to go, you’ll actually have a hard time not knowing what to do.

Where this game becomes challenging is knowing “when” to drift, not “how” to drift…

With 3D graphics nothing short of spectacular, super simple controls, and a challenging gameplay system, there is only one thing we could possibly ask of Drifty Chase. Perhaps just a little fewer ads…?

You see, almost every time you Game Over and restart the game you will be required to watch a 10-15 second ad which can get rather annoying (especially just after you’ve had an extra short run that literally lasted 5 seconds…😡 )

Is it your dream to rob a bank… No, start again😓
Do you love the getaway scenes in movies? If so this is the game for you!

Set in all the most popular cities for bank robbers (in movies) this is where you can freely experience the thrill of being pursued. (Just don’t do it in real life…)

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