Bullet Hell Monday – A game where it’s all about fire power!

When was the last time you played a top down shooter that was just way over the top? Sometimes there are way too many enemies, sometimes the game is just way too fast, the more you look the more you can find to complain about, but would you ever complain about having too much firepower?

Bullet Hell Monday – as the name implies – is a top down shooter with an almost insane level of firepower! With almost every ship equipped with insanely powerful guns – including your enemies – this game is awesome! …If you dodge well😓

If you watched the video above you probably already know, this game is a constant explosion of vibrant visual effects that – although awesome – will kill you if you’re not careful, which will make you really want to thank the developer for making the controls so simple.

The game is played using simple touch and drag controls that can be used from virtually anywhere on the screen. All you are required to do to control your ship is touch and drag your finger around the screen, and sometimes “two finger tap” in order to set off a “Bomb” (i.e. a massive stream of laser blasts that wipes out almost everything in their path!)

Although cram packed with so much action it is almost dizzying, playing Bullet Hell Monday shouldn’t be too difficult for most players thanks to its relatively simple control system and gradual increase in difficulty.

Do you love vibrant visual effects, insane explosions, and of course fire power?

If so, Bullet Hell Monday is a game we highly recommend you check out! With all the qualities listed above and more, this game will blow you away!

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