Snake Bricks – The combo you’ve been waiting for!

“Today we are introducing 3 revolutionary products…” and with this Steve Jobs unveiled the very first iPhone back in June of 2007. LILA SOFT isn’t new to making really nice games for iOS and Android, but Snake Bricks was the first game that totally threw us off.

At first glance, Snake Bricks (by ZPLAY and LILA SOFT) is just another Ballz clone. With the second glance, you realize that no, it is actually a clone of Balls VS Blocks. And then, on the third look, you stop and notice that this thing looks an awful lot like the classic Breakout!?

Are you starting to get it…?

Snake Bricks is a combination of Ballz, Balls VS Blocks, and Breakout all in a single hyper-addictive game you simply won’t be able to get enough of!

Played using the paddle located at the bottom of your screen in order to whack your snake up at blocks that slowly move down from the top of the screen, your mission in this game is to (1) prevent your snake from hitting the bottom of the screen or else GAME OVER. (2) prevent any blocks from making it down below your paddle or else GAME OVER.

For anyone who has played any one of the 3 super popular games listed above, Snake Bricks should feel familiar in some way or another.

Now, although this probably isn’t too good for the developer, Snake Bricks is an incredibly satisfying game to play. Unlike a lot of the games for iOS and Android we’ve seen lately that seem as though they are designed to show you Ads, the gameplay sessions in Snake Bricks are just long enough to feel satisfying while short enough not to exhaust you.

The gameplay sessions are never too short or too long in Snake Bricks…😆


With the simplest design we’ve ever seen used in a game from LILA SOFT, not too many Ads, and a few different skins for you to unlock, Snake Bricks is a game that combines 3 great ideas in order to create something truly fun and original.

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