FRACTER – A flicker of light only creates more shadows in this dark adventure game


Are you scared of the dark? Assuming you no longer go to bed with the lights still on, the game we are about to introduce to you probably shouldn’t be played before going to bed. It may just be enough to re-ignite your greatest fear… 😱

FRACTER (by 4L GAMES) is an amazing game. Set in a cinematic 3D world similar to that of Monument Valley – only much, much darker – your mission in this game is essentially to try and solve puzzles, collect glowing mirror images of yourself(?), and well… try not to get eaten…

Played using a single on-screen joystick which can be used to control the speed and direction in which your player moves, FRACTER can be a little tricky to play at first. This is mostly due to the fact that the camera angle is fixed making some maneuvers – like climbing stairs while under hot pursuit – trickier than others. That being said, you’ll soon get the hang of things and be solving tricky puzzles with ease!

Although the puzzles we’ve solved in this game so far haven’t been too difficult (we aren’t finished yet…) the sneaking is quite a challenge. For anyone who hasn’t caught on yet, FRACTER is filled with dark zombie-like creatures that chase you like Sadako! 💀💀💀

These creepy creatures can be blocked off or killed using a wall of light, however, you’ll need to be careful because they really begin to speed up when they see you!

With a mystifying 3D design created using nothing but black and white, small snippets of poetry before each new level, and (as the developers put it) a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, this is a game fans of Monument Valley will likely really enjoy!

Just remember, there are jump-scares you probably won’t be expecting…

The Conclusion

After reading the title of this article, if you somehow expected a calm and relaxing adventure game, we are very sorry. FRACTER most probably isn’t the game you are looking for!

If instead, you would like a game that blends horror, puzzle, and adventure game attributes in such a way as to create something that doesn’t lean too heavily in any direction, this is the game for you.

The perfect blend of beauty, horror, and mystery…

Want to give FRACTER a try? The download link is just below.📲
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