Do you love pizza? Well, it seems you’re not alone! Slime Pizza Deliveries is an interstellar pizza delivery service dedicated to delivering your pizza on time. No matter how dangerous the Planet, Moon, or Space Station you live on, our team of dedicated delivery personnel will deliver you your pizza on time! 😆🍕

…Unfortunately, Slime Pizza (by Nitrome and Neutronized) isn’t an App that allows you to order interstellar pizza, but rather a Game about delivering it… too bad… 😢

Lucky, it’s a great game and you should totally check it out! Set in a butterfly pixelated 2D world, Slime Pizza is a game about skillfully slingshotting a slimy green character around tricky levels in order to solve simple puzzles, eat pizza, and try not to get spiked!

The game starts when your boss orders you to deliver one more pizza before you call it a day and snack on leftover pizza. Normally this probably wouldn’t be a difficult a mission, however, your space ship’s main computer gets hacked and you end up crashed on an unknown planet…😓 A great start for an epic story…!!

With a similar gameplay system to Leap DaySlime Pizza allows players to periodically save their progress using the pizza they collect while playing the game, or by watching an Ad. This is a huge help as Slime Pizza is a simple yet ultra challenging game! Although the core mechanic is fairly simple – slingshot a slimy green player that can stick to almost anything around a 2D stage – actually executing some of the maneuvers can be kind of tricky until you’ve really gotten the hang of things. Expect to die – a lot!

That being said, all of the puzzles we’ve encountered in this game haven’t been too difficult so far and can be solved with a little logic.

With beautifully pixelated, not too many Ads, and – as usual – super cute characters you’ll want to hug(!), Slime Pizza is yet another game that will make you wish Nitrome started manufacturing merchandise for their games… We would totally buy a huggable version of our delivery boy in Slime Pizza! 😆

The Conclusion

Are you looking for your next exciting mobile adventure? Why not give Slime Pizza a try! If you love pizza, you won’t regret downloading this game…🍕😋

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