From the creators of DANDY DUNGEON, Million Onion Hotel is a game the guys at ONION GAMES strongly recommended to us, so we decided to check it out… and, we’re not exactly sure how to react…

Million Onion Hotel (by ONION GAMES) is a game we don’t exactly understand. Although the graphics are great, the music is kind of funky, and there seems to be a confronting story going on in the background, in our opinion Million Onion Hotel isn’t worth the $6.49 you’ll pay for it on Google Play. And this isn’t just because most mobile games are free in 2018…

So, why can’t we recommend you buy Million Onion Hotel…? Well, the biggest reason is probably that we still don’t exactly understand how to play the game.😓 After walking through the in-game tutorial 3 times in an attempt to pick up on something we may have missed, we still aren’t exactly sure what we are supposed to do!

Played on a 5×5 grid of onions, your mission in this game is to tap on onions that randomly grow out of the ground in order to gain points and create lines of 5 – either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. If you are skilled enough, you can also combine two or more lines in order to gain more points and activate fever mode for a short amount of time.

Although we think we sort of understand the main gist of things, the game still feels as though it is mostly dictated by random chance which is kind of annoying, especially when you have a ticking time limit you need to keep happy…

In short, Million Onion Hotel feels more like a clicker game than it does a frantic puzzle. And we don’t think anyone is willing to spend $6.49 on a clicker game.

The Conclusion

With excellent graphics, a nice soundtrack, boss battles, an interesting(?) storyline, and some very unique character designs, quality-wise this game is every bit worth checking out. We just wish the in-game tutorial was a little longer and actually explained how to play the game in more detail.🤷‍♂️

If you know how to play this game with skill, we would love to know how it is done. Please feel free to share some of your godly gaming skills with us lowly reviewers in the comments section below.😂

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