Sushi and Edamame almost seem to go hand in hand – so when we found out that Ketchapp had just released a new game all about chopping sushi, we just had to check it out! And so, here comes our review of Slashy Sushi!

Slashy Sushi (by Ketchapp and Disco Fish Games) is one of the simplest games we’ve seen from Ketchapp in a long time. Set on a wooden chopping board that starts out fairly clean – but ends up looking like your bedroom – your mission in this game is to slash at unsuspecting sushi rolls in order to serve up as many orders as possible before time runs out (or you make a mistake).

If you’ve ever strolled through the aisles of a Toys“R”Us and heard a loud “Bop It!” from the shelf directly behind you – causing you to drop your milkshake in shock and surprise – you’ll probably find Slashy Sushi kind of familiar, because the concept is essentially the same.

Depending on what is thrown onto your chopping board, you are required to perform different actions within a short amount of time. You will be required to chop sushi rolls, pass nigiri sushi along, cook toast, cut meat, peel potatoes, and more!

The game feels more ridiculous than what you would typically expect to see from Ketchapp, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It’s actually kind of fun… 😆

If you’re after a game that looks as though it was designed to make you laugh, this may just be the game you were looking for. The kind of annoying Lamma thing that appears just to laugh at you each time you GAME OVER – although kind of annoying for the one playing the game – is a great addition especially when playing in a group.

The Conclusion

Although this is the first party game we’ve seen from the Ketchapp Team, Slashy Sushi is a fun little game for iOS and Android which is fun to play alone, but even better in a group!

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