Do you enjoy playing with optical illusions? Watching marbles roll up-hill, colored sheets of paper change color, and terrified children run from a chalk drawing of a bottomless pit in the middle of New York City is kind of fun! So why wouldn’t a game about illusions be?

Optica (by GLITCH CREATIVE) is essentially Flow Free in 3D. Played on a number of different 3-dimensional shapes, your mission in this game is to connect two dots by drawing a line through all the accessible sides (or faces) on a 3D object. Simple!

Although the concept is easy enough to follow, putting what you know into practice is yet another challenge entirely…

What makes Optica the most challenging is the fact that what you can see from one angle doesn’t necessarily represent what you can see from the other. For instance, in the real world, an Apple will look like an Apple no matter what angle you look at it. In Optica, this isn’t necessarily true. You’ll need to really observe the object you are working on before you start drawing or else you’ll probably end up at a dead end. 🍎

Thankfully, Optica makes this process as simple as possible using a handy slider which can be used to rotate your object smoothly between its different states.

With simple controls, excellent visuals, more than 70 levels for you to complete, and no Ads, Optica is a challenging new game for iOS and Android that really challenged us to think about how we should approach the different puzzles we were faced with…

There is no such thing as an easy answer when playing Optica…

The Conclusion

Are you good at visualizing 3D objects? If so, this is a game that was practically designed to take your skill to the next level! 💪😆

If you kind of suck at visualizing things in 3D! …ahh, well… good luck…?  😅🤣

Want to give Optica a try? The download link is just below.📲
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