In this game, you are the cube. You must think and behave like a cube. Your job as the cube is to fall down an endless void for as long as possible.

Now, you must be thinking to yourself, “I could fall down this endless void forever!” And well, that is where you would be wrong. While you are falling down, there are obstacles that will fly at you from different directions. Also, for every second that you are falling down, the speed of the game increases!

So what are you waiting for! Download Sky Cubes and start falling down in this action-packed, fast-paced avoider game for iOS!

Sky Cubes

How to play?

This game is very simple and easy to play.

Tilt your phone in order to control the cube that is falling down, but beware of the obstacles as if you hit them, it is Game Over! Make sure to collect coins in order to unlock new, fun, and exciting characters! And lastly, remember to use the orange button on the left side of the screen as it will help you return your cube back to the center of the screen.

And that is how you play Sky Cubes! It’s as simple as that!

Sky Cubes


There are many cool features within Sky Cubes.

The first feature we would like to tell you about are the countless exiting characters for you to unlock! Each character has their own special ability, and it is up to you to unlock them all. There is also a leaderboard so you can challenge your friends as well as players worldwide, and there are achievements to unlock while playing the game! Lastly, there is a nice selection of background music for you to enjoy.



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JollyGames consists of one person, which is me. Basically I do everything alone, music, coding, game design, and everything is made from scratch.

Sky Cubes

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