Korong is based on a very simple idea, I wanted to make an infinite runner-ish game where you don’t have to start everything from the beginning when you lose your character. Though many players have gotten used to this common concept, having to start over each time you die is still very annoying in my opinion.

Which is why I made a game where you need to split your attention and focus on many circling white dots, but you don’t have to worry if you lose one or two dots.

Making Korong was not easy. I used an asset and based everything on that asset, but the company that developed it went bankrupt. They hadn’t made necessary updates, and the promised source code was never sent to me.

I was unable to make builds and that was a disaster. I had to throw away almost one year’s worth of work. Even though I’m originally a lawyer, I couldn’t do anything. So I sat down in front of my computer again and created everything from scratch.

With this background sometimes I hated working on Korong, but now I’m happy with the results, and when I look at the reviews (not on those with 1 star from people who didn’t even looked at the tutorial and have no clue what a tangent line is) I feel I have achieved what I originally wanted.


How to play?

At the start there is only one white dot which enters into a gravity blob. If you tap on the blob, the dot will launch itself out in a tangent line, which is how you move upwards from one blob to another.

There are prison shaped boxes, you can hit in order to free other dots.
If more than one dot is circling in a single gravity blob, the bigger one will always launch first.

If things start getting messy, simply tap and drag on a blob that contains white dots (in any direction) in order to slow down time. If I’m tired, sometimes I play just by dragging. I haven’t told anyone this, but if you tap & drag on an empty blob the color will change. I wrote this feature to make my life easier when taking screenshots, but now it is not a secret anymore, and it doesn’t affect the gameplay at all.

There are also spiky obstacles you should avoid, boxes that need to be hit in order to make them disappear (sometimes hit twice), and some switches. If you reach around 70-80 points it is a good strategy to sacrifice one dot by leaving them behind in order to save time. I usually start with 5 dots, then reduce them down to 3.

If you want to be the best, you should ask my German friend David, he has 192 points, and my highest score is just 166. I have no clue how he did it 😃



The game has no levels, there are no unlockable characters, skins or anything. You cannot go further by watching an Ad (I think it is cheating), or if you want to buy lives or any kind of extra advantage, then Korong isn’t the game for you.

Korong has an endless randomly generated score dependent track, I have fine-tuned for months with the help of countless beta testers. It also has many different colors!

There are 3 daily challenges, each of them gives +10 points:
Day one: you should bounce from 30 obstacles
Day two: unlock 5 switches
Day three: make 5 hitboxes disappear
In total you can get +30 points but it only lasts for one day before you need to start again from the beginning.

I will update Korong with more tracks and probably more colors. I don’t want to specify a date or any details, but I’m open to any feedback. Just don’t ask me to make it easier 😉


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