See you at #BitSummit 2018!


Will you be visiting BitSummit 2018?
We would love to meet up with you! 😆

For all of you who have absolutely no idea what BitSummit is, BitSummit is Kyoto Japan’s largest indie game festival. Featuring roughly 100 games developed in Japan as well as games from overseas, BitSummit is one of the hottest indie-gaming events of the year! Especially for people like us who missed out on GDC…😢

For more information, you can visit the official BitSummit website.

BitSummit will run from 12th – 13th of May, so if you’re interested you’d better get your tickets soon!
This is not an Ad. Much as we would have liked to have been paid, we were not paid to write this…😛

If you’ll be visiting Kyoto and would like to meet up with us, please be sure to hit us up on Twitter (@Edamame_Reviews) or drop us a line at:

If not, we will be tweeting out cool stuff on Twitter as well as posting on Instagram, so expect fewer game reviews from about the 11th – 14th and more live-action at (and around) Kyoto as well as Japan in general!

See you Soon!

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