Recently we had the opportunity to play some “actual” retro games using a retro pi, some retro-themed controllers, and a stupid number of emulators. Although we have to admit the experience was far from authentic, it was definitely one of the key factors that inspired this quick article…🕹

Retro Highway (by Dumb Luck Games) may just be the closest modern mobile game to an actual retro game we have ever played. Featuring graphics that almost look as though they were inspired by the original Super Mario Kart, your mission in this game is to speed your way around a pixelated highway, performing tricks and trying to avoid a head-on collision. 😅

Played using a total of 3 on-screen buttons which can be used to make your bike veer left or right as well as activate Nitro which you can slowly (very slowly😓) accumulate by performing stunts and acting recklessly in general. Retro Highway really has a great system for killing its players…

Act recklessly & get Nitro 👉 Slip up & Die💀

Luckily, this isn’t as bad as it first sounds. Similar to how your dead player will come back to life for another run every time you hit the “Retry” button, so does the Niro you have accumulated, meaning you aren’t set back at square one each and every time you die. Thank you Dumb Luck Games 👏

With a number of different bikes for you to unlock, as well as a few different stages with not only a new theme but a bunch of different obstacles you will only find in that particular environment, Retro Highway is a game mobile retro gaming fans will definitely enjoy!

Having not too many Ads also definitely helps with this game’s addictiveness… 😉

The Conclusion

Have you been looking for a retro-style mobile game that looks like something you (or your parents) played when you (they) were young? If so, Retro Highway is a fun new retro-style game that looks great, plays fantastically, and is available for both iOS and Android!

Want to give Retro Highway a try? The download link is just below.📲
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