Have you been looking forward to playing Flip the Gun (by Playgendary) on your Android device? Well, it seems someone was because it is currently in the #1 spot for Top Arcade Games on Android, and has had over 1 million installs within the first 5 days of being launched! Crazy…🤯

Ignoring the many comments warning us that the game was riddled with Ads – and that we probably wouldn’t enjoy it – we bravely installed Flip the Gun on our Android testing devices and here are our thoughts.

Flip the Gun is a fun game. Although you probably would have to be in some sort of trance in order to play this game for hours on end without getting bored or tired of the simple mechanic behind the game, it definitely is entertaining in short 5-10 minute bursts. Not recommended as your only source of entertainment on a long road trip. 🚗🚙

Played by skillfully tapping on the screen of your device in order to shoot your gun, your mission in this game is to shoot when your gun is facing down in order to propel your pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher, laser gun, etc. up as high as possible. The game itself is fun and enjoyable, and we didn’t experience any more Ads than you would find in any given game from Voodoo. There ware actually probably fewer Ads than most games from Voodoo.

That being said, not everything was (or is) great in this game. For starters, the way in which the guns are organized makes it fairly clear that Playgendary wants you to purchase a Diamond Membership for $27.99 Per-Month(!) or $139.99 Per-Year(!?) ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? 😱😱😱

Not only that but Flip the Gun goes so far as to feature a dope gun that can be unlocked by watching a total of 25 Ads! Although this is definitely one way of making ends meet, we can’t imagine the advertisers will be too happy about how their Ads are being treated…

Other than some questionable business practices, Flip the Gun is a good game overall. It features a simple design, great graphics, and a number of different guns for you to unlock.🔫

If only it felt a little less spammy it would be perfect…😕

The Conclusion

Flip the Gun is a game we’re not sure if we can honestly recommend. The graphics are nice, the gameplay is simple (and somewhat addictive), and there are plenty of players already enjoying the game to back up just how good it is.

But $27.99 a month for a game like this…? There is something wrong with this game…

Want to give Flip the Gun – Simulator Game a try? We won’t stop you. The download link is just below.📲
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