News – The Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors Showdown!

Are you an RPS (i.e. Rock, Paper, Scissors) champion! Have you got the skill to beat any of your workmates when it comes to deciding who pays for lunch? Well, isn’t it about time you tested out your skills on a “global” level…? 🌐 is a fairly simple bash and crash action packed (.io) game, centered around a concept we all know and love… Set on a 3D stage similar to that of your mission in this game is to frantically run around the stage collecting candy while keeping an eye out for potential enemies, and potential victims…

Played using an on-screen joystick to control your player’s movements and 2 buttons, one to tackle your opponents, and one to make a quick dash for it, is a fairly simple game to play, once you get the hang of things.

Unlike most (.io) games – with the exception of and a few others – your player’s power is instead determined solely by what form your player is currently in. (i.e. if your player looks like a massive walking open hand, chances are you’ll want to avoid those scissor looking hand things…)

With high-end 3D graphics, a bunch of different character skins to unlock, and a minimal number of ads, is fast, fun, and best of all, simple and easy to understand.

Do you have what it takes to claim victory in a massive Rock Paper Scissors arena?
Well, there’s only one way to find out!

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